A New Innovation of Sound Technology

Acoustic Artwork Speaker

VisualSonic is a speaker that camouflages itself as a hanging work of art. Measuring only 3cm thin, just like any normal framed artwork. VisualSonic uses the hollow space behind a canvas to conceal vibration speakers. These speakers don’t produce sound on their own but transfer vibrations to a resonance panel and the artwork. The artwork vibrates like the diaphragm of a speaker to produce the sound. Speaker & painting hangs on the wall, catching eyes and ears alike, combining art & audio into an audio-visual delight for the senses.

Combine your love for Art & Audio

A new product for Music & Art lover

VisualSonic blends modern arts and the latest digital sound technology, giving you stunning wall pieces that produce impressively big & high fidelity sound.

International Artist & Characters

How does it work ?

A Patented New Sound Technology

 VisualSonic is using ultra thin sound vibrators and a picture panel to form a new resonance sound system. The combination of the special chemical material of the picture panel and the vibration software produce not only a big sound output, but also generating a high fidelity quality sound.  

Patented Surface Resonance Sound Technology

3cm thickness & 2kgs weight

Rest seamlessly against your wall

VisualSonic is the chicest audio device with only 3cm thickness & 2kgs weight makes it effortlessly mobility, move it from table to table, wall to wall, room to room and indoor to outdoor, that is as light as a feather and as slim as a reed.

Product Dimension :
50cm ( height ) x 50cm ( length ) x 3cm ( width )

Product Weight : 2.0 kgs

3cm thickness & 2kgs weight

Bluetooth 5.0 Compatible with any Bluetooth devices

Operating range up to 20 meters

Connect VisualSonic with any Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it will be automatically paired with an operating range up to 20 meters.

Operating range
up to 20 meters

Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

Latest Bluetooth Technology - True Wireless Stereo ( TWS )

Two speakers paired in synchronization

Operating range up to 10 meters

Double Stereo Sound Output

Charging time just 3 hours

Playtime up to 25 hours

It just takes 3 hours to fully charge the VisualSonic via a 2-meters microUSB cable (provided in retail package) and it can give up to 25 hours non-stop music playback.

3 hours charging, 25 hours playing.


AR Infotainment Technology 



Product Specification