An artistic painting to combine your love of arts & the latest digital technology. 


VisualSonic blends modern arts and the latest digital sound technology, giving you stunning wall pieces that produce impressively big & high fidelity sound with your own favour video.

                 How does it work?



 VisualSonic is using ultra-thin sound vibrators and a picture panel to form a new resonance sound system. The combination of the special chemical material of the picture panel and the vibration software produce not only a big sound output, but also generating a high fidelity quality sound.  

                 ArtFrame Stereo


                 ArtWork Stereo


Art décor paintings from  

international artists & characters

We are working with different artists & designers around the world to offer a wide variety of modern artworks to match any home décor or personality.

A memory of a special moment

A fully custom-tailored service to design your own unique speaker for every of your special moment's memory.  

An infotainment product

to enrich your smart living


Apply our Sm[ar]t apps with your own video to turn your speaker into a smart living infotainment product.

A new way to combine your artistic talent with technology

Express your artistic inspirations with technology by direct painting on the VisualSonic canvas surface.  

Innovative Business Award 2018 from HSBC